Kidderminster Gun Club

Reports & Gallery Archive 2008




Sporting Cup 2008

Winner of the Sporting Cup 2008, Rob Thomas receives the trophy from club our President, Nigel Kavanagh. The first competition of the season on Thursday 1st May saw a closely fought contest between brothers, Rob and Richard Thomas. They both finished on 42 ex 50 (very good scores considering the extremely sunny conditions). With the light failing quickly there was no time for a shoot off, so the outcome was decided by the toss of a coin.

First place in class B was taken by Ray Wesson with a score of 33 ex 50.




Sam Davis Trophy 2008

The winner of the Sam Davis Trophy for 2008 was Rob Thomas with a score of 48 Ex50. First place in class A was Roger Pugh (47 Ex50) and Paul Merchant (38 Ex50) took first place in class B. The competition was fought over two consecutive Thursdays (8th & 15th May), and unfortunately the heavy rain on the second evening impacted greatly on the final scores. Thanks to everyone who turned out.

Brockton & District Gun Club Away 2008

Our annual inter-club match between KGC and Brockton & District GC took place on Wednesday, 21 May 2008 and whilst the turnout of KGC members was poor (10 entries) all those who took part enjoyed a very pleasant evening. KGC were comprehensively beaten 218 v 145 and congratulations must go to the Brockton team for retaining the trophy once more. Rick Willetts took the High Gun Prize for KGC (39 Ex 50) and Bob Barnsley the second prize (32 Ex 50).

ABT Cup 2008

Shot over two consecutive weeks (22nd and 29th May 2008), the ABT Cup for 2008 was won by Greg Thomas with a score of 49 Ex 50. Greg was the clear winner by 3 targets over Richard Thomas (46 Ex 50). The Prize in class B was won by Nigel Kavanagh!!!! (by default as he was the only class B shooter to complete the two rounds).

Brockton & District Gun Club Home 2008

Revenge was taken for our away defeat when Brockton & District Gun Club visited KGC on Thursday 5th June 2008. KGC beat the opposition 295 - 264 on a warm sunny evening. The layout for the shoot was extremely testing and showed in the scores recorded. High Gun for KGC was Rob Thomas (38 Ex 50) closely followed by Greg Thomas (37 Ex 50). High Gun for Brockton was Mark Bridge (31 Ex 50) and second prize went to Adam Neath (30 Ex 50). Many thanks to the visitors from Brockton, and indeed everyone who took part, their presence made for a very enjoyable evening. The President of KGC presented the trophy to club Chairman, Barry Salt.


The All-Rounder 2008

Richard Thomas (left), winner of The All-Rounder 2008, receives his trophy from Barry Salt (Club Chairman). The event took place on Thursday 11th June 2008 and Richard's score of 67 Ex 80 was three better than his nearest rival Greg Thomas. While the winning score does not look too impressive it is worth noting that the Sporing element was extremely testing, Richard recorded the best score of 20 Ex 30. Peter Dillistone took the prize for first place in class B.




South Worcester Shooting Ground (Home)

The members of Kidderminster Gun Club welcomed a team from South Worcester Shooting Ground to shoot at KGC on Thursday 19th June 2008. Unfortunately, as in previous years, we were well beaten. The final scores were SWSG 254 v KGC 217. Club President, Nigel Kavanagh, is seen congratulating John Clements from SWSG on their victory. Also shown is Richard Thomas who took High Gun for the evening with a score of 45 Ex 50.

First picture shows John Clements (right), SWSG, being congratulated by club President, Nigel Kavanagh.



Second picture shows Richard Thomas (right), High Gun.



South Worcester Shooting Ground (Away)

Our annual visit to South Worcester Shooting Ground last Sunday, 30th June saw a close fought contest that was eventually won by SWSG. The final score was 416 SWSG against 404 KGC. The event was enjoyed by all who took part and thanks to those members who turned up. John Clements put on an axcellent 8 stand shoot. High Gun for Kidderminster was Joe Kitson with a score of 58 Ex 64, an excellent score considering the variety of targets presented.


DTL Cup 2008

The DTL Cup 2008 took place on consecutive Thursdays, 26th June and 3rd July, and was won by Greg Thomas (pictured left receiving the DTL Cup from club President, Nigel Kavanagh). Greg's score of 142 Ex 150 narrowly beat Richard Thomas (141 Ex 150), who took first place in class A. Class B winner was Peter Dillistone with a score of 95 Ex 150. The overall scores were affected by very wet and windy conditions on the first Thursday.




Sporting Handicap 2008

The Sporting Handicap 2008 took place on Thursday 10th July. This was the first handicap shoot of the season and High Gun was taken by Roger Pugh with a score of 63.8, a full 4 clays ahead of Barry Salt who took First Place with 59.6. Second Place went to George Whitehouse with a score of 57.9. Thanks to all who took part in what was a very enjoyable shoot.


Turner Team Shoot 2008

The Turner Team Shoot for 2008 was held on Thursday 17th July and whilst the turnout was poor, all those that took part enjoyed the shooting. Teams of 3 took turns at a 40 bird high pheasant flush and the eventual winning team was Stuart Perry, Ray Wesson and Ray Cook (and Nigel Kavanagh, the scorer, according to a few members) with a score of 45.7. It was a fun evening.




Presidents Cup 2008

The Presidents Cup 2008 was shot on two consecutive Thursdays 24 & 31st July. The conditions for the first round were not good and the best score posted was 23 Ex 25. Conditions on 31st however were much better and three straight rounds were posted. The final scores saw three members, Roger Pugh, Richard Thomas and Rob Thomas finish on 48 Ex 50. The shoot-off was decided by each taking 5 pairs from the centre stand. Roger Pugh missed leaving Rob Thomas and Richard Thomas still clear. The stand was moved 10 yards back and pairs were taken in order with the first to miss losing out. On the third pair Rob Thomas missed the second target and handed the victory to Richard Thomas.


Handicap Skeet 2008

The Handicap Skeet 2008 competition was shot over two consecutive Thursdays 7th and 14th August 2008. Barry Salt led after the first round by two clays and continued as he left off in week two to take High Gun with an adjusted score of 52.2. First place went to Paul Merchant witn a score of 51.8 and Second place went to Peter Trice with a score of 49.5. It was and excellent competition and enjoyed by all who took part.


Trappers Handicap 2008

The Trappers Handicap 2008 took place on Thursday 21 August 2008 and Barry Salt continued with his run of good form by taking High Gun with an adjusted score of 88.3. The competition was 75 birds (50 Sporting and 25 Skeet) and handicaps were allotted by averaging the previous six scores recorded for each member. First place went to Peter Dillistone with a score of 87.8 and Second place to Ray Cook with a score of 85.6.


Richard Thomas (left) receiving the Sportsmans Trophy from club Chairman, Barry Salt.

Sportsmans Trophy, Veterans Cup, and High Pheasant Trophy 2008

The final competition of the season, the Sportsmans Trophy 2008, took place on Thursday 28th August 2008. It was an excellent 50 bird sporting shoot, one that produced some very good scores. The best score of the night before adjusting for handicaps was Richard Thomas with a surperb score of 49 Ex 50 (apparently Richard missed the very last target - Must have been the poor light!). After adjusting for handicaps Richard Took High Gun with a score of 55.1. First place went to John Fudge with a score of 52.9 and second place to Rick Willetts with a score of 51.8.


The calculation for the Veterans Cup 2008 was based on a handicap system which allows 0.8 to be added to the scratch score for each year over the age of 55. The Veterans Cup for 2008 went to John Fudge with a score of 43.6, first place went to Peter Trice (41.4) and second place to Rob Thomas (40.4). The picture left shows John Fudge (left) receiving the Veterans Cup from club Chairman, Barry Salt.



The High Pheasant Trophy 2008 was calculated by adding the adjusted scores for the three high pheasant stands marked, one for each of the three sporting handicap shoots during the season.

The winner of the High Pheasant Trophy 2008 was Richard Thomas, first place Rob Thomas and second place Bob Barnsley. The pictire left shows Richard Thomas (left) receiving the High Pheasant Trophy from club Chairman, Barry Salt.