Kidderminster Gun Club

Reports & Gallery Archive 2009





The first competition of the season, The Sam Davis Trophy 2009 (50 bird straight shoot) took place on two consecutive Thurdays, 7th and 14th May 2009. The winner, shown above receiving the trophy from our club President was Greg Thomas with a score of 48 Ex 50. First in class A was Joe Kitson and first in class B was Paul Merchant. Sincere congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who took part.




21st May 2009; The Turner Team Shoot 2009 was held on Thursday 21st May 2009 and although poorly attended was enjoyed by all those taking part. Teams of three shot at a high pheasant flush consisting of 40 random targets. The eventual winners with a handicap adjusted score of 47.3 were Nigel Kavanagh, Roger Pugh and Peter Dillistone; their nearest rivals Ray Wesson, Peter Trice and Barry Salt scored 45.6 (handicap adjusted).



Brockton Gun Club visited Kidderminster for our annual inter-club competition on Thursday 28th May 2009. The match was very close indeed with Kidderminster coming out the winners by only 5 targets (331 against 326; the total of the top ten scores from each team). A very warm thanks to all the members of Brockton Gun Club for their attendance and for providing such an exciting night of shooting. I know I speak for all the members of the Kidderminster Gun Club when I say that we look forward to the return fixture at Brockton on 10th June.



Wednesday 10th June 2009 Kidderminster Gun Club v Brockton Gun Club. The return match took place against old rivals Brockton Gun Club on Wednesday 10th June 2009 and whilst the weather was awful the shooting proved to be very enjoyable. Considering the torrential rain, earlier in the day, it was very satisfying to see 15 members present and a special thanks to all for their effort. We ran out eventual losers, the top 5 scores from each team resulting in a win for Brockton who totalled 194 to Kidderminster's 174. Our High Gun for the night, Ray Cook (42 Ex 50), warrants special mention (Brockton High Gun also scored 42). Honours this season were even, with both sides winning their home fixtures.




The ABT Cup 2009 was held on two consecutive Thursday evenings, 4th and 11th June 2009. The conditions on 4th June were not good and affected the scoring. The eventual winner with a score of 46 Ex 50 was Greg Thomas. Richard Thomas was first in class A with a score of 45 and Rick Willetts first in class B with a score of sorts! The picture above shows Greg Thomas (High Gun) receiving the ABT Cup from club Vice Chairman, Peter Trice.



We visited South Worcester Shooting Ground on Sunday 21st June 2009, for our annual inter-club shoot. The conditions were very good and the turnout of Kidderminster members reasonable. The competition was shot over 64 targets and the aggregate total of the top 10 scores from each team decided the result. Some fine shooting from the South Worcester Shooting Ground team saw them win the day with a score of 535 against Kidderminster's 465. Thanks go to John Clements for a very enjoyable day and we look forward to the return match at Kidderminster on Thursday 2nd July 2009. The final scoreboard is shown below.






The All-Rounder 2009 was held on Thursday 18th June 2009 and was well attended. The conditions on the evening were good and resulted in some very good scores. The 100 bird competition consisted of three disciplines, 50 Sporting, 25 Skeet and 25 ABT. High Gun for 2009 was Greg Thomas with a score of 89 Ex 100, his nearest competition was Richard Thomas (first in class A) just three targets away on 86, first in class B was Nigel Kavanagh with a score of 68. The picture above shows Greg receiving the All-Rounder Trophy from club President Nigel Kavanagh.




Thursday 25th June 2009 - The Sporting Cup 2009. A fine night brought out a good crowd for the annual Sporting Cup competition. Bob Barnsley, back from holiday, was at his best putting on an excellent 50 bird layout. Good scores were produced by many members and the competition for High Gun was very close; the eventual winner was Greg Thomas (Again!) 48 Ex 50 with Richard Thomas (Again!) just one clay behind him on 47 Ex 50. The winner in Class B was Ray Wesson with a score of 31 Ex 50. The picture shows Greg receiving his prize from club President Nigel Kavanagh.




We entertained John Clements and his team from South Worcester Shooting Ground for our annual inter-club shoot on Thursday 2nd July 2009.. After being soundly beaten when we visited their ground in June, we were looking for a much better performance at home. In the event, on a warm and balmy evening, we were soundly beaten again!. Only some impromtu trimmimng of the vegetation by Peter Trice lifted the spirits of the Kidderminster hopeful. High Gun for South Worcester was Richard Thomas 41 Ex 50 and for Kidderminster Rick Willetts 35 Ex 50. The final aggregate score for the top 8 from each team were - South Worcester Shooting Ground 279 v Kidderminster Gun Club 218. Well done South Worcs and congratulations!


The DTL Cup 2009 took place on two consecutive Thursday evenings, 2nd and 9th July 2009. The event was marred by poor weather on the 9th July, however the competition was completed and High Gun went to Greg Thomas with a score of 144 Ex 150, First in Class A was Richard Thomas on 141 Ex 150; first in Class B was George Whitehouse 110 Ex 150. Considering the weather conditions, another score was worthy of note, Rob Thomas only one point behind Richard Thomas on 140 Ex 150. The trophy was presented to Greg by club President Nigel Kavanagh.


The Presidents Cup 2009 was competed for over two consecutive Thursday evenings 16th and 23rd July 2009. Apalling weather during the first week impacted greatly on the scores, and the eventual High Gun was Greg Thomas with a score of 47 Ex 50. First place in Class A went to Richard Thomas with a score of 47 and first place in Class B Paul Merchant with a score of 42. The Trophy was presented to Greg Thomas by club President, Nigel Kavanagh. Thanks to all those that took part, and heres hoping for some better weather!


The Trappers Handicap 2009 took place on Thursday 30th July 2009; conditions were good and some fine scores were returned. The competition was 75 birds (50 sporting and 25 skeet) and as usual the handicapper was all but 'hung drawn and quartered', and would have been so, if he had not been away on holiday. In the handicapper's defence only six points separated the High Gun from last position. Anyway, High Gun for the event was Ray Wesson with a socre of 81.9, closely followed by Nigel Kavanagh with a score of 80.9. Third place went to Peter Trice with a score of 80.1. The trophy was awarded to Ray Wesson by club President, Nigel Kavanagh.



The Sporting Handicap 2009 took place on Thursday 6th August 2009. The weather was fine, however, Bob Barnsley the shoot organiser had obviously taken a couple of bravery pills earlier in the day, and put on a very testing layout. The result was very low scoring. Still the final positions were very close and High Gun went to Nigel Kavanagh with a score of 50.9. Nigel is pictured on the right receiving his trophy from club Vice Chairman Peter Trice. Rick Willetts finished runner up with a score of 49.4 and Richard Thomas third place with a score of 48.5. Having had a go at the shoot organiser I must say that the event was enjoyed by all those taking part; after all if you hit every target you shot at, it would become an extremely boring sport. Well done Bob and Mick!



Handicap Skeet 2009. The first round of the competition took place on Thursday 13th August with the second round being shot the following Thursday, 20th August 2009. The weather was good on both nights and the scoring reflected this. After a very close finish the eventual High Gun was Paul Merchant with a handicap adjusted score of 53.3 Ex 50. second place went to Nigel Kavanagh 53.1 who was closely followed by John Fudge on 52.9. Only 0.4 separated the top three finishers. Sincere congratulations to Paul Merchant on winning his first trophy since becoming a member in 2007.



The Sportsmans Trophy 2009 and Veterans Cup 2009 took place on Thursday 27th August 2009. This last competition (a handicap) of the 2009 season was well attended by both the membership and visitors alike. Bob Barnsley took pity on those shooting and put on what was probably the easiest shoot of the season. The resulting scores were very high and High Gun went to Barry Salt with an excellent score of 63.2 Ex 50. Clive Evans came second 60.6 closely followed by Peter Trice on 60.3.

The Veterans Cup 2009 was also competed for and was won by Joe Kitson with and age adjusted score of 55.6, second place went to John Fudge 51.4, and third place to Peter Trice 50.2.




The final shoot of the season took place on Saturday 29th August 2009.

It was an open competition consisting of 75 birds (25 Skeet, 25 ABT and 25 Compact Sporting). The attendance was fair, the weather was fine and the scoring close. The prize for High Gun, £75, went to Joe Kitson seen above receivng his prize from club Vice Chairman, Peter Trice. Joe scored 62 Ex 75 and considering the difficult Compact Sporting layout it was an excellent score. His nearest rival was Tony Harris 4 clays behind.




This season was not expected to be great considering the state of the economy; in the event it was a very good season and I would like to thank everyone who attended Kidderminster Gun Club during the year for their support. It is my belief that the quality of targets put on by Bob and Mick turned what could have been a poor season into another successful one, and on behalf of the members I would like to pass on our grateful thanks. Not forgetting, of course, the regular group of helpers who turn up week in week out to help set-up and put away.

Rick Willetts 01/09/2009