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The Sam Davis Trophy 2012

The competition was shot on two consecutive Thursday evenings 3rd and 10th May 2012. Unfortunately the turnout on the first evening was poor, due to very heavy rain. Those that braved the elements went on to shoot on the second evening and the eventual winner and High Gun was Bob Barnsley with a score of 46 Ex50. First in Class A went to Paul Merchant (38 Ex50) and first in Class B went to John Preece (34 Ex50). Bob Barnsley (right) is seen here receiving the Sam Davis Trophy from our club President, Nigel Kavanagh.




The Allrounder 2012

The allrounder competition took place on Thursday 17th May 2012. The cpmpetition consisted of three disciplines, 50 Sporting, 25 Skeet and 25 ABT and the eventual winner and High Gun was Steve Bower with and excellent score (considering the windy conditions) of 86 Ex100. First place in Class A went to to Richard Thomas, and first place in Class B to Nigel Kavanagh. The pictures here show Steve Bower (left) receiving his trophy from Club President Nigel Kavanagh, Richard Thomas (centre) and Nigel Kavanagh (right).

On a lighter note, the event was enjoyed by all taking part, with the exception of the club Treasurer. His score ( I would not like to make it public here) was let down by his total lack of ability shooting ABT, scoring only 4 out of 25 (and one of those kills was debatable) and various unprintable expletives were heard coming from his direction during the evening.



Kidderminster Gun Club V Brockton Gun Club 2012

Members from Brockton Gun Club (BGC) made their annual visit to Kidderminster Gun Club (KGC) on Thursday 31st May 2012. After last year's win for Brockton, the home side were determined to win back the trophy. The 50 bird sporting competition was decided by the aggregate score of the top 10 members from each side. After checking the scores and count KGC were declared the winner scoring 315 to BGC's 301. The trophy was presented by our club President, Nigel Kavanagh, to KGC's club Chairman, Ray Cook (pictured left). Presentations were also made to the High Gun for each team; Richard Thomas (pictured right) scoring 44 Ex50 for Kidderminster and D Woosencroft (pictured cetre) scoring 38 Ex50 for Brockton. Our club President then thanked all the members from BGC and hoped that they had enjoyed the event. He finally reminded everyone that the return visit to Brockton would take place on Wednesday 13th June 2012.


The ABT Cup 2012

The ABT Cup 2012 was shot on two consecutive Thursday nights, 31st May and 7th June. The dreadful rain on the first night resulted in only 7 members shooting the competition. The conditions also affected the scoring. The eventual winner and High Gun was Richard Thomas, pctured below receiving his the trophy from club President Nigel Kavanagh, with a score of 39 Ex50. Rob Thomas scored 37 Ex50 to finish first in Class A and Nigel Kavanagh scored 30 Ex50 to finish first in Class B.


Brockton Gun Club v Kidderminster Gun Club 2012

Our annual visit to Brockton Gun Club was on Wednesday 13th June 2012 and we had a record number (17)of Kidderminster members turning up to shoot on what turned out to be a pleasant and sunny evening. The competition was 50 sporting, as usual, shot over eight stands. A final count of the scores declared Kidderminster Gub Club the winners with an aggregate score of 222 against a score of 216 for Brockton Gun Club. This win for Kidderminster is the first win on away territory for 18 years and means that we now hold both the home and away trophies. The committee would like to thank so many members for making the journey to Brockton and for shooting so well. High Gun for Kidderminster and the evening was Rob Thomas with a score of 47 Ex50. Other notable scores were Dave Salter 46, Richard Thomas 45 and Steve Bower 43. The pictures below show the awarding of the trophy by Robert Jones (President of Brockton Gun Club) to our club President, Nigel Kavanagh; High Gun, Rob Thomas; and lastly a group of happy members looking forward to their supper.


Kidderminster Gun Club v South Worcester Shooting Ground 2012

Our annual home shoot against South Worcester Shooting Ground (SWSG) took place on Thursday 21st June in wet miiserable conditions. The weather had put off many members and the turnout was poor, therefore it was no surprise that we were soundly beaten. The aggregate score of the top five shooters for SWSG was 175 and just 127 for the home side. High Gun for the evening went to Richard Thomas with an outstanding score of 44 Ex50, Rob Thomas being just three behind on 41. To give you an idea what the condition were like the best score from the home side was Paul Merchant with a score of 27 Ex50. The rain did not dampen the spirits though and everyone enjoyed what turned out to be a tough shoot.

The highlight of the evening was some excellent off road driving by our club President. Finally, a big thank you to the setup team who did a fantastic job under difficult circumstances.


Sporting Handicap 2012

The Sporrting Handicap 2012 competition was shot on Thursday 28th June 2012 in, thankfully, bright and sunny conditions. The turnout was good and the competition for the top places very tight. The handicaps were based on the average of the last five competition scores for each member. The winner and High Gun, for the second year running, was George Whitehouse with an adjusted score of 53.9. John Fudge took second place with a score of 53.2 and Barry Salt came third with 52.7. George Whitehouse is shown (left) in the picture receiving his trophy from club Chairman Ray Cook.

Apart from Mick trying to headbut one of the traps (and let me assure all members that the trap was not damaged in any way) the evening passed without incident. Joking aside, the safety officers would like to re-interate that safety is of paramount importance and members and visitors should always be aware of their responsibility in this respect.



Handicap Skeet 2012

The Handicap Skeet competition was shot over two consecutice Thursday evenings, 5th and 12th July 2012. The weather conditions on the second night were dreadful and affected the turnout for the second part of the competition. Those brave enough to compete found high scoring nearly impossible. The eventual High Gun was Roger Pugh with a score of 51.8 (handicap adjusted). first place went to Peter Trice (51.1) and second place to Ray Cook (47.1).


Presidents Cup 2012

The President's Cup 2012 was shot over two consecutice Thursday evenings, 19th and 26th July 2012. At last we have seen some good weather and as a result a good turnout for the event. The competition was a straight 50 bird, 25 each night. The eventual winner and High Gun was Bob Barnsley with a score of 48 Ex50. first place in class A went to Rick Willetts (44) and first place in class B to Ray Cook (37). The event was enjoyed by all those taking part. The picture on the right shows Bob Barnsley (left) receiving his trophy from Club Chairman Ray Cook


DTL Cup 2012

The DTL Cup for 2012 was shot on two consecutive Thursday evenings, 2nd and 9th August 2012. The winner and High Gun was Rob Thomas with a score of 116 Ex150, first place in Class A going to Bob Barnsley (101). First place in class B went to Dave Bayliss (96).


Sporting Cup 2012

The Sporting Cuo 2012 took place on Thursday 16th August 2012. The weather and turnout was good and the eventual winner, and High Gun, was Richard Thomas with a score of 40 Ex50. First place in Class A went to Rob Thomas (35) and first place in Class B to Barry Salt (30).


Trappers Handicap 2012

The Trappers Handicap 2012 took place on Thursday 23rd August 2012. Thye competition consisted of 75 birds (50 sporting and 25 skeet). An excellent turnout resulted in a close competition which was won by club President, Nigel Kavanagh, with an adjusted score of 77.4. First place wnet to George Whitehouse (77.0) and Second place to Peter Trice (75.3)


Sportsman's Trophy 2012

The final night of competition shooting took place on Thursday 30th August 2012. The Sportsman's Trophy, The Veteran's Cup and The High Pheasant Trophy were all decided. The turnout was excellent and the competition fierce.The main competition was a 50 bird sporting handicap shoot. The winner and High gun was Peter Trce with an adjusted score of 49.3 Ex 50, first place went to Nigel Kavanagh (48.8) and second place to Roger Pugh (48.7).

In the High Pheasant Trophy 2012, High Gun went to John Fudge with a score of 24.0, first place went to Barry Salt (23.8) and second place to Nigel Kavanagh (23.6).

The Veteran's Cup 2012, High Gun went to Joe Kitson with an age adjusted score of 45 (scratch 33 Ex50), first place went to John Fudge (43.8) and second place to Peter Trice (43.6).

This being the final competition of the season The Aggregate Shield 2012 was also concluded. The competition is calculated by adding up the best 7 competition scores of the season for each member and the highest aggregate score wins. High Gun for 2012 went Rob Thomas with a combined score of 288.47, first place went to Richard Thomas (283.63) and second place to Roger Pugh (279.23).