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The first club competition of 2010, The Sam Davis Trophy, took place on two thursday evenings 13th & 20th May 2010; the conditions were very good. 25 straights were plentiful (8 in total), however nobody straighted the two rounds. The eventual winner was Phil Kitson pictured left receiving his trophy from Club Chairman Peter Trice. Phil's score of 48 Ex50 took High Gun with Joe Kitson and Ken Oakes Joint first place in Class A, also on 48 Ex50. First Place in Class B went to Ray Cook with a score of 38 Ex50. The numbers who turned up to shoot were very encouraging and everyone enjoyed the shooting.






Thursday 27th May, We hosted visitors from Brockton Gun Club on a very fine evening for a 50 bird sporting competition. The best 10 scores from each team counted and the eventual winners were Brockton Gun Club with an aggregate score of 355 against Kidderminster Gun Club 349. The High Gun for Brockton Was Mark Bridge with a score of 41 Ex50 and High Gun for Kidderminster was Richard Thomas 46 Ex50 (a wonderful score - well done Bob Barnsley for an excellent layout!). The picture rights shows club Chairman Nigel Kavanagh presenting the cup to the captain of Brockton Robert Jones. The numbers who turned up to shoot, 77, was a record for the club and everyone enjoyed the shooting on offer.





The All-Rounder 2010 competition was held on Thursday 3rd June 2010. There was a very good attendance on a fine and sunny evening. The competition consisted of 100 birds (50 Sporting, 25 Skeet and 25 ABT) and the eventual High Gun was Richard Thomas with a score of 87 Ex100. First place in class A went to Greg Thomas 84 Ex100 and first place in class B went to Ray Wesson 54 Ex100. The event was enjoyed by all those taking part.



The ABT Cup 2010 competition was over two weeks on Thursday 3rd and 10th June 2010. The shooting conditions were perfect on 3rdth and the scores reflected this. The second Thursday 10th was windy and the scores were not so good. High Gun went to Rob Thomas with a combined score of 41 Ex50. First place in class A went jointly to Richard and Greg Thomas 40 Ex50 and first place in class B Nigel Kavanagh 34 Ex50.



South Worcester Shooting Ground were our visitors on a bright and sunny Thursday evening, 17th June 2010. Kidderminster Gun Club lost by 31 clays. The competition was decided by aggregating the scores of the top nine shooters in each team. KGC 228 v SWSG 259. Thanks to John Clements and his team for an excellent competition which was competed for on a very testing 50 bird sporting layout. High Gun for South Worcester Shooting Ground was Greg Thomas with a score of 38 Ex50 and high Gun for Kidderminster Gun Club was Linden Partridge with a score of 37 Ex 50.



The Sporting Handicap 2010 competition was shot on Thursday 17th June 2010. The very difficult and testing layout saw a series of low scores being returned. High Gun, for our first handicap shoot of the season, eventually went to Peter Dillistone with an adjusted score of 55.5; this was an excellent score given the quality of targets on display. First place went to Linden Partridge (50.8) and Second place went to club President Nigel kavanagh (49.2). There was an excellent turnout of 64 guns for the shoot.



The Turner Team Shoot 2010 took place on Thursday, 24th June 2010 on a fine and sunny evening. The competition consisted of teams of three shooters shooting at a 40 bird High Pheasant Flush. The competition was handicapped for club members and the eventual winners of the club competition were Ray Wesson, Stuart Perry and Paul Merchant with an adjusted score of 41.8. The best unadjusted score of the night went to N Kavanagh, W Keeling and M Vale with a score of 26 Ex 40. The event was enjoyed by those taking part although the turnout was not as expected. The picture left shows Ray Wesson and Stuart Perry being congratulated by club President, Nigel Kavanagh.





The second round of the DTL Cup 2010 was shot on Thurday 15th July 2010, the first round took place the previous week. The eventual High Gun, and winner of the competition, was Richard Thomas with a very impressive score of 147 Ex 150. He was closely followed by Greg Thomas (143 Ex 150) who took first place in Class A. First place in class B went to Ray Wesson with a score of 105 Ex 150. The conditions were only fair, however the event was enjoyed by everyone who took part. Nigel Kavanagh (club President) presented the trophy to Richard Thomas just before the rain fell.



The Sporting Cup 2010 was shot on Thursday 15th July 2010. The turnout was poor for the event, and a tough layout resulted in low scores being returned. The eventual winner and High Gun was Richard Thomas with a score of 42 Ex 50 and Rob Thomas was first in Class A with a score of 38. First in Class B went to Ray Wesson with a score of 28 Ex 50. The trophy was presented to Richard Thomas by club President, Nigel Kavanagh.



The Presidents Cup 2010. A 50 bird non handicap skeet competition. The first round took place on Thursday 22 July 2010 and the second round on Thursday 29 July 2010. The conditions on the first Thursday were good however the second round was shot in windy conditions. The High Gun and competition winner was Roger Pugh with a score of 47 Ex 50. First in Class A went jointly to Bob Barnsley and Rob Thomas with a score of 46. First in class B went to Ray Cook with a score of 43. Club president Nigel Kavanagh presented the trophy to Roger Pugh.



Our annual visit to South Wocestershire Shooting Ground was on Sunday 1st August 2010. Nine members were welcomed by SWSG and took part in and excellent shoot put on by John Clements and his team. The layout consisted of 64 birds over 8 stands. The conditions were very good and everyone enjoyed the morning out (including the bacon and egg sandwiches).

SWSG won the competition by 48 clays with and overall score of 477 (top nine scores) against KGC with a total score of 429. High Gun for SWSG was Mick Stayte with a score of 60 Ex 64. High Gun for KGC went to Bret Thomas with a score of 58 Ex 64.